Building the Beauty 

Croc One

Lookin' good! All her sea trials were perfect so she set sail on her maiden voyage from Perth, Western Australia to Mooloolaba, Queensland. Isn’t she gorgeous? We love her!


My relentless pursuit to conserve apex predators, my desire to rescue marine life, together with my passion for adventure and exploration, led me to design Croc One.

For a whole year I looked at, surveyed, and scrutinized boats from all over the world to fully prepare myself to create my ultimate vessel. As a boy I loved Jacques Cousteau’s famous boat Calypso, and this inspired a lot of the design features. I needed a solid hull with two serious cranes to endure the heavy duty croc and shark work I do. I’m always going up small tributaries, across tidal flats, sandbars and rock gorges, so I knew I would have to have twin keels reinforced with stainless steel. This would allow me to run it up onto anything, at any time, with no chance of rolling or hull damage.

I’m right into power, so I went for the biggest and best diesel engines on the market – not one, but two C18 1000 hp Caterpillar Engines, that provide more grunt than a herd of bull elephants. Mate! These engines just purr… and talk about power! Croc One could out-pull the Queen Mary! I absolutely love sitting down in the engine room and listening to those babies hum! She’s a little ripper!

Perhaps her greatest asset is the upper deck. I designed this deck to carry my croc dinghies, jet skis, and helicopter to ensure we’ve got all the vital gear to get the job done.

She has to live in the most remote parts of the world for months on end, so she is equipped with huge freezers, a cold room, storage and luxury accommodation - with four showers, three toilets and the latest and greatest navigational and communications gear.

The Building Process

  Construction   Construction  
  Once I was happy with all my design and
features, it took almost a solid year for her
to be built. Every step of the way, Frank (Australia Zoo's General Manager) and I kept our finger on her pulse making sure every detail was perfect.
  I needed a boat with a huge working area at water level. So I extended the back board to accommodate croc traps, shark cages, whale rescues, and the ultimate diving platform. Have a go at her back end!  
  Construction   Construction  
  The upper deck is brilliant! Absolutely spot-on. It handles all my accessories: dinghies, jet skies, chopper, trap nets, and is perfect for relaxing and taking in the scenery. You could almost land a jumbo jet on the upper deck!   The hull is as tough as a 18’ Saltwater Crocodile. Mate! I love the hull, she’s virtually a cray fishing boat hull designed to handle the heaviest seas the ‘Roaring Forties’ can throw at her. Yet her beautiful lines mean she cuts through the water gracefully and quickly - smooth as a zipper!  
  Construction   Construction  
  Twin keels means two engines, twice the
power, and the ability to run her up onto dry land at our leisure.
  She’s really starting to come together here.  
  Construction   Construction  
  She's got a great hull!   And here she is... Her first appearance outside of the construction shed.  
  Construction   Construction  
  Hauling her out on a purpose-built, long-haul trailer. She’s so big she had to have a police escort to get her from the shed to the water!   Down to the sea for her sea trials. Ready to drop her in the drink and she can hardly wait. ME TOO!