The Gear
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The Gear Gallery

To be the world’s leading croc vessel, and have the ability to probe into remote wilderness for months on end, requires some specialised gear which all has to be carried by Croc One.

She can handle over 20 tonne of gear on her two decks. The upper deck holds two 14’ tenders (croc dinghies), two jetski’s, and two floating croc traps. The lower deck can handle croc traps, 2 shark dive cages, perspex shark tube, auxiliary fuel, two camp sites, and all the additional gear to back up apex predator research capture, or rescue.

On board she’s got two beautiful big cranes to haul large, heavy, (and sometimes angry) objects out of the water. With one crane on the upper deck, and one on the lower deck, we’ve got the ability to rescue whales or secure trapped crocs. Her diving facilities include a stack of tanks, B.C.D’s, masks, snorkels, fins, a compressor for refills, and the Dive Master’s, Brian and Kate.

With a lot of Croc One’s work she adopts a ‘mother ship’ role, giving the dinghies and chopper a great base to work off. Often we’ll set up a couple of campsites at the river mouths, on the beach, or in the jungle, to maximise our flexibility and comfort.