Croc One News


News Source: The Courier-Mail, page 16, April 7 2005
Picture: Graeme Parkes

CROCODILE Hunter Steve Irwin is set to become the Shark Hunter.

He and Queensland’s Environment Minister Desley Boyle, yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding at his Sunshine Coast-based Australia Zoo that will bolster research into endangered grey nurse sharks and turtles.

As part of the agreement, Irwin has offered the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and academic institutions the use of his new purpose-designed 22m marine research vessel dubbed Croc One.

An excited Irwin said the new boat would also be used for marine wildlife rescues in waters north of Moreton Island.

The new deal expands on a similar agreement signed by the zoo and QPWS last year which has led to breakthroughs in crocodile research.


News Source: Glasshouse Country News, page 2, Friday 15th April 2005

Last week a conservation agreement was signed at Australia Zoo. State member, Carolyn Male said the agreement boosts research into crocodiles and other animals and continues the successful partnership between QPWS and Australia Zoo for another two years.

“The announcements are part of the “Croc Wise” and “Dingo Safe” campaigns targeted towards encouraging responsible behaviour in crocodile and dingo territory.

“As part of the agreement, Mr Irwin has offered the QPWS and academic institutions the use of a specially designed, state-of-the-art 75ft research vessel for marine research,” she said. “This is the second agreement between the government and Steve Irwin – the first agreement involved the Crocs in Space project and the establishment of a koala hospital.” Steve said the partnership with EPA had enabled him to give back something to the species that had given so much to him.

“Crocodiles are one of Queensland’s greatest tourism assets and, as an apex species, absolutely vital to the conservation of our northern waterways and fisheries,” Steve said.